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Health & Human Services

Benefits Education Center, Inc. ( BEC)
BEC provides cutting edge Disability Benefits Training and Private Benefits Coaching to the Community of Providers and Individuals living with all disabilities.

Sage Associates, Inc.
Sage Associates, Inc. provides evaluations and community-based research services that report on the successes of programs--their impact; their accountability to the agency, to the community and too the funder; the cost/benefit of program delivery; and ultimately, the difference the programs make to positively impact the health and well being of communities.

Ibigeewatsi Center
The Ibigeewatsi Center believes effective programs and services come from strong organizations and strong organizations come from developing and motivating staff. There website has a wonderful resource list.

The Office of Minority Health and Resource Center (OMHRC)
The mission of the Office of Minority Health (OMH) is to improve and protect the health of racial and ethnic minority populations through the development of health policies and programs that will eliminate health disparities. OMHRC is a federal clearinghouse, which include distributing publications, providing referrals, and answering inquiries.

The National Native American AIDS Prevention Center (NNAAPC)
NNAAPC offers a variety of programs to help promote education about HIV/AIDS, support prevention efforts, and help foster healthy attitudes about sexuality and sexual health in the Native community.

Mountain Plains AIDS Educational Training Center (MPAETC)
MPAETC is affiliated with the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in the Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases. MPAETC is an eight-state region of associated state AIDS Education and Training Centers. MPAETC is a leading producer of training and informational materials, curriculum and manuals for health care provides relating to STD/HIV, Hepatitis and Behavioral Health. MPAETC is also a leader in publishing training and curriculum materials on Native American topics relating to HIV, Hepatitis and Behavioral Health.

Commitment to Action for 7th Generation Awareness & Education

HIV/AIDS Prevention Program Project (CA7AE: HAPP) - Colorado State University

CA7AE: HIV/AIDS Prevention Project is a project funded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to develop and deliver Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) to organizations serving ethnic minorities at risk for or living with HIV/AIDS. The project primarily utilizes the Community Readiness Model, a theory based and nationally known model for successfully building community or organizational capacity for development of prevention and intervention efforts.Community Readiness is a nine-stage, multi-dimensional model that assesses the readiness of a community to develop and implement prevention or intervention efforts. It is especially effective for sensitive social issues because it integrates the culture of the community, is non-threatening, and uses community input to be solution-focused and strength-based.

Papa Ola Lokahi (POL)
In 1985, the Native Hawaiian Health Care Improvement Act established POL. POL is a clearinghouse for data and timely information associated with the health status of Native Hawaiians. POL collect, compile and freely share these resources with Hawaiians, their families and those who serve them.

Native Hawaiian Health Care Systems
In 1985, the Native Hawaiian Health Care Improvement Act, which established Papa Ola Lokahi in 1988 with the reauthorization in 1992, established the Native Hawaiian Health Care Systems and the Native Hawaiian Health Scholarship Program.

International Indigenous Working Group on HIV/AIDS

Most governments have paid little attentions to the relationship between indigenous peoples and HIV. Further more, there has been little opportunity in which indigenous people could come together to discuss their common issues, to support each other, share best practices, and to bring their voice to the forefront to incite inclusion in international HIV policy. The IIWGHA are members of an international community working together to support strategic planning and indigenous participation at the International AIDS Conferences and to strengthen their internatinal collaborations and partnerships in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Indigenous Arts & Cultures

Kua`aina Associates, Inc.

Kua`aina takes into their care what is precious and sacred to indigenous people and facilitate the passing of indigenous knowledge and cultural values from one generation to another. Kua`aina provides capacity building assistance to Native cultural and art organizations, individual artists and produces special art & cultural projects.

East Bay Media
East Bay Media Center was established in 1980 as a 501(c)3 Non-profit Corporation. By providing technical and educational media needs to communities in the East Bay, EBMC gained popularity as a Media advocate for community involvement, especially for marginalized youth and minorities. EBMC provides a public venue for the works of unknown video artists and producers, EBMC created Berkeley Video & Film Festival in 1991. The festival boasts a growing audience, national attention, and international entries.

Na Make o ka ‘Ãina
Na Maka o ka `Aina (“The Eyes of the Land”) is an independent video production company that focuses on the land and people of Hawai`i and the Pacific who documents traditional and contemporary Hawaiian culture, history, language, environment and the politics of independence and sovereignty. Since 1982, Na Maka o ka `Aina has aired over 80 programs on Hawai`i Public Television, the Public Broadcasting Service, Deep Dish satellite network, Free Speech TV and Hawai`i’s commercial stations, in addition to producing regular programming for Hawai`i’s public access cable channels. Their work has also been seen on television in Australia, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Denmark, Canada and Japan.

Kipahulu `Ohana

The Kipahulu `Ohana is a Native Hawaiian operated interpretive program as it relates to the Native Hawaiian land use system (ahupua`a) and the importance of culture and ethno-ecology. Kipahulu `Ohana provides these programs through a cooperative agreement with Haleakala National Park Service.

American Indian Contemporary Arts
Native Events Calendar: bookmark or subscribe to calendar

Bay Area Native Network: announcements, events, community site

Bay Native Circle Radio: Wednesdays 2:00 pm, online and archived at 94.1fm

Maui Arts & Cultural Center (MACC)
The Maui Arts & Cultural Center is a gathering place where people celebrate community, creativity and discovery. A premier state of the arts & culture center, the MACC produces and show cases 35-45 events during a season which is represented by the best of Hawaiian and local artists to those who represent art forms and cultures that bring the rest of the world to Maui’s people. The MACC is the home of the Alexander & Baldwin Amphitheater, the Castle Theater, the Schaefer International Gallery, the McCoy Studio Theater and the Omori Studios.

California Indian Storyteller’s Association - CISA
CISA is committed to providing a storytelling forum for the indigenous people of the Americas.

Advocates for California Indigenous Languages Survival
The Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival is an organization devoted to implementing and supporting the revitalization of indigenous California languages. Its mission is to assist California Indians in language maintenance and renewal. ACLIS has been a leading organization in establishing best practices for indigenous language revitalization.

Native Arts & Cultures Foundation
The Native Arts & Cultures Foundation is a permanently endowed foundation supporting American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities by strengthening and supporting their diverse arts and cultures.

Toi Maori
Toi Maori is a charitable trust that represents 10 national art form committees in New Zealand covering the visual, performing and literary arts. Toi Maori annually produce a wide range of events and activities that include festivals, exhibitions, performances, publications and workshops that relate to a wide spectrum of Maori art forms.

The Keomailani Hanapi Foundation (KHF) ~ HOEA Hawaiian `Ohana for Education in the Arts

Funding from the Administration for Native Americans (ANA) to implement a three-year Native Hawaiian Pilot Art Education Project called HOEA:  Hawaiian ‘Ohana for Education in the Arts.

The Seventh Generation Fund

The Seventh Generation Fund is an Indigenous non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and maintaining the uniqueness of Native peoples throughout the Americas.

Pa`i Foundation ~ MAMo Maoli Arts

Sponsored by Pa`i Foundation, MAMo: Maoli Arts Month is a broad community-based effort to celebrate the depth, breadth, and diversity of the Native Hawaiian arts community. MAMo promotes economic opportunities for Native Hawaiian artists and cultural practitioners by increasing their presence in museums and galleries.