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Carolyn Kuali`i  ~ Consulting

Client Testimonials

Health & Human Services

    “Carolyn Kuali'i is a highly valued and sought-after consultant for us, at the Office of Minority Health Resource Center (OMHRC). Her skills are solidly based upon evidentiary data, which she couples with an intimate and advanced knowledge of community strengths and documented needs. We have been fortunate to use her talents to the service of many US ethnic populations, and to-date, we are always pleased with her results. Thank-You, Carolyn! You've managed to combine professional expertise, community knowledge and human caring all into one, great consultative package!”
 —Jay Blackwell, MA - Director of Capacity Building, OMHRC, Rockville, MD

    “Carolyn Kualii provided our organization with a strategic planning training that allowed us to really look forward at where we were going. We thought there might be some problems at the beginning as there have been in the past with this group, but she was able to keep everybody focused and positive. This allowed us to work together as a group toward the common goals. I have worked with Carolyn several times and know her to have many talents in Capacity Building Assistance. I recommend Carolyn highly.”
 —Kathy Reddies, Montana Targeted Prevention Program Coordinator - Missoula AIDS Council, Missoula MT.

    “I have known Carolyn Kuali‘i for almost 20 years. She has assisted with my PhD research on Native Hawaiian Health. On this project she facilitated community connections, conducted interviews and co-presented some of the data at the national Public Health meeting. More recently she assisted with research that leaders in the Tongan community and I were conducting – helping us to focus on the best ways to assess the needs of the community. In all of these interactions Carolyn has been an insightful, dedicated and diligent collaborator.  She understands all facets of the research process and her expertise ranges from working with university researchers, community and private and governmental agencies. I have no hesitation in asking her to assist on any project on which I am working.”
—Juliet McMullin, PhD University of California, Riverside

    “Carolyn embodies her Hawaiian name...”Melenani.” The work, which she does with people and organizations, is “a beautiful song.”  We have always valued her work and competence and her dedication to making a positive difference for those with whom she works.”
—Hardy Spoehr, Executive Director, Papa Ola Lokahui – Native Hawaiian Health