Health & Human Services

Indigenous Art & Culture

Advancing the vision of communities and the expression of

indigenous art & cultures through consultant services...

Carolyn Kuali`i  ~ Consulting

Aloha kaua!

Through individualized technical and capacity building assistance, I bring my expertise and years of experience by providing a full range of services in two areas:  Health & Human Services and Indigenous Art & Cultures. I take into account the unique qualities of each individual client and through a holistic approach (looking at the whole and how its different parts inter-relate), I utilize assessment methods that helps to create a

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on my professional history and services.   Carolyn

Consultant services are provided in a variety of areas

Organizational Assessment and Program Review

Program Design, Development and Management

Programmatic Technical Assistance

Grants Management Technical Assistance

Case Management Development

Group Facilitation

Cultural Competency

Coalition Building and Partnerships

Training & Seminar Planning & Coordination

Strategic Planning

Proposal and Commission Planning for Individual Artists

Planning & Coordination of Special Art & Cultural Projects

Vision &



Organizational infrastructure

Programs & Services

framework in which clients can begin a process of self-examination and discovery that will assist them in identifying their strategic priorities. This process provides a foundation in setting short and long-term goals and objectives. In return the client is inspired by their vision and encouraged to work towards their greatest potential.